I am a procrastinator (as are my fellow people of the world).


A few years back, I read an article on positive procrastination, or the idea of structuring and manipulating your procrastination to get things done. I think it’s a fairly accurate study on the art of procrastination, but I’ve actually put off putting it into use, so if anyone has any tips on that…


Four months ago, two of my friends and I discussed driving to California for a 3-5 day trip. Then the plan became driving to Florida for a weekend trip. So, naturally, only two of us ended up driving to Corpus Christi for a day trip, where it was too cold to get in the water, and we sat on the sand brainstorming that sometime possibly maybe hopefully, we could go beach camping.

(Could we? Would we?)

It was the ideal solution for people who were trying to save money but still wanted a substantial amount of beach time.


  1. None of us had ever been camping before.
    Note: My parents taking me camping as a child when I did not have the awareness to understand the concept of dirt vs. a bed, or the dexterity to help set up a tent and most importantly, the memory to remember just doesn’t count.
  2. We owned zero camping equipment.
  3. We were always too short on time to plan it.

Four months later, albeit with school and summer jobs, we did it.

With a few weeks of planning, borrowed equipment (shout out to my generous friend who dug through his house for his tents and sleeping bags), my resourceful girl friends and I finally took a 1.5 day trip to the coast.

If you ever find yourself in Texas and want to head to the coast for a 1.5-2 day trip, I highly recommend Mustang Island. We chose the primitive campsite, that was $10 per night, with a $5 per adult beach entrance fee. You can come and go as you please after you pay.

There are port-a-potties, trash cans, and ground fires are allowed. From that list of bountiful amenities, I can only honestly only vouch for the trash cans. We didn’t bring firewood, and my comfort zone does not stretch so far as to encompass port-a-potties yet.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Trying to toast marshmallows with a hand-held fluid lighter
  • One of my friends teaching the other two of us to play Skip-Bo in a local cafe
  • Swallowing salt water in the ocean (That’s healthy, right?)
  • Watching the sun set and rise
  • Being fed peanut butter squished between pretzels by my friend while I was driving
    (Patent pending. Snyder’s needs a competitor.)
  • Seeing dogs in their little dog tents (“DOG! DOG!!!”, as my friend would say)
  • Standing in the sand while the waves made your feet sink
  • Learning to drive in the sand
  • Trying not to track sand into my car
  • Cleaning the sand out of my car when I got back
  • Sand

After a certain age, I think we start to procrastinate doing fun things just like we procrastinate doing boring things. It’s always a lot harder than I expect to force myself to do fun things. I get caught up in what’s going on in my academic or professional life, and expect that I have to make sacrifices and do the un-fun things in life first.

And thinking gets in the way, like “What if it’s uncomfortable to sleep in the sand? What if we get murdered by the murderers who hang out at the beach?”. But no. Just no.

Lately, I’ve been perfecting my proposed solution to procrastinating, which is practicing just doing.

This trip was definitely one of the better things I’ve done this year with some of the best people in my life who bring out my fun side.


Meditating by the ocean. Or maybe it was eating. I guess it could have been gossiping, too.


I did not bring my cat. One of three things would have happened.

Scenario 1: She would have thought the entire beach was her new litter box and started peeing everywhere. I would have ended up trying to drag her back to the car while not getting urinated on. We would have both been unhappy.

Scenario 2: She would see all the open space, open water, loud noises, dogs, people, and consequently, flip out. I would have ended up trying to drag her back to the car while not getting urinated on or scratched. We would have both been miserable.

Scenario 3: She would enjoy the water (she’s obsessed with, fascinated by, and scared of water). She would roll around in the sand. She would scratch up the tent and shed everywhere. Then a seagull would spot her, swoop in, and carry her away to the land of seagulls up in the sky that we cannot possibly fathom. We would have both been devastated.

So she stayed at home, and was queen of my apartment. Shout out to my friend who stopped by to check on her.

Pumpkin bed takeover

Total bed takeover.



And lastly, go Germany! We made it back in time to watch the World Cup finals.



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