Halloween is in 31 Days… 🎃

and I just started watching “How to Get Away with Murder”

(Ha! Tricked you. I’m not going to talk about Halloween. Except that I hate it.)

Confession / Disclaimer

I don’t watch the Emmys. (Or the Oscars, or Grammys, or the Tonys, or the MTV _______, or the green slime goo Nickelodeon one.)

Green Slime gif

Source: blog.giphy.com

So all my opinions are (as usual) my own, not professional, and absolutely not set in stone. (See bottom for a list of things my opinions are not)



Last night,

was Monday night and I was watching episode 6, while trying to sweep my floor and play with my cat. I was thoroughly creeped out by the episode even with my half-attention.

And I just watched episode 7 about two hours ago.



This show reminds me of a hybrid Pretty Little Liars (tone and setting-wise) and The Good Wife (law-wise), with a dash of a gender-reversed Frank-Claire marriage. I would call it the Pretty Little Good Wife, and that actually somewhat makes sense.

It’s definitely more mature than Pretty Little Liars, and noticeably better crafted. On that note, you can tell it’s an ABC show not a CBS show like The Mentalist or The Good Wife.

I couldn’t place Asher at first, but then almost fell out of bed when I did.

I guess Officer Bennett decided to go back to law school.

I guess Officer Bennett decided to go back to law school. Source: http://www.etonline.com

And of course, the stock-bitch-character.

And the Warden got promoted to District Attorney. Source: The Daily Beast

And the Warden got promoted to District Attorney. Source: The Daily Beast


Because it’s not like I’m going to stop watching or anything. (I have another episode lined up to watched tonight on Netflix.)

  • Those trippy flashback transitions from the bonfire
  • Sometimes it’s a little too coincidental for me.
  • Annalise Keating’s office as her house because that just sets up her life to be far more complicated than it should be and of course it’ll become a TV drama, come on Annalise, don’t bring your work home
  • Rebecca just isn’t a sympathetic character for me. Or Michaela actually. Or Laurel.


  • The diversity of actors and actresses
  • The changing perspectives (of the first 7 episodes at least)
  • The pace – it pretty much gets to the point

All in all, I appreciate the attempt to appeal to college and graduate students (shout-out to myself) and younger, married adults. I don’t think it’s revolutionary. Or really buzz-worthy.


Okay, I feel bad so here’s some Halloween-esque content.


Pumpkin wants to be a human / vampire for Halloween. Spo0o0oky.

Pumpkin wants to be a human for Halloween. Spo0o0oky.


I’d like to thank Netflix for giving me the chance to watch this show, except actually Netflix can thank me for my money.


What My Opinions Are Not

  • concise
  • offensive
  • malicious
  • paid for
  • solicited
  • life-changing
  • eloquent




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