All work and no play

makes us all dull, sad, and tired.

Productive Procrastination

is not just a fun oxymoron. It can actually be used to trick yourself into doing something slightly less unpleasant, but equally or only slightly less constructive. Some people know it as positive procrastination.

… Well, I believe in it, and that’s what counts.

Moving on…

Anyway, friends, I wanted to tell you all that I discovered Google Drive’s set of templates and let me tell you, I had some fun.

This personal project of mine was inspired by my conversations over the last few days with the boyfriend. This upcoming weekend, he’s visiting from Texas where it’s 90 degrees. Luckily, he likes the cold and the rain. But he’s never been to Boston before, so we’ll see…

I promised him an itinerary, which is a lot more fun for me to make than for anyone else to read. Hence, throwback to the last paragraph: productive procrastination.


I have to tell you a secret. I’m a modestly-passionate foodie and do-er. I’m one of those people who takes pictures of her food and revels in bringing her friends to different restaurants and is always trying to get you to eat with me even if you have homework or a family or a dog or responsibilities or a life outside of me. I get that, but I love good food, restaurant ambience, bonding over going places, seeing movies, buying unhealthy popcorn, and knowing the “know” about a place.

AH, that was hard to tell you.

… AND okay, last secret. I have a problem and it’s called over-planning. Maybe you figured that out already.

My Solution

because I’m a fixer and a problem-solver.


Jenna: “Hang on, our shirts are wrong.”

I decided to use my newfound fascination with Google templates to make this:

It. Is. SHORT. And mainly for my own use when friends or family come to visit. I will continue to update it as I continue to explore food and things to do.

(Feedback is appreciated! But please be nice.)

Pumpkin slapping me for procrastinating. Just kidding, she's gently caressing my face.

Pumpkin slapping me for procrastinating. Just kidding, she’s gently caressing my face.


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