I am a procrastinator (as are my fellow people of the world).


A few years back, I read an article on positive procrastination, or the idea of structuring and manipulating your procrastination to get things done. I think it’s a fairly¬†accurate study on the art of procrastination, but I’ve actually put off¬†putting it into use, so if anyone has any tips on that…


Four months ago, two of my friends and I discussed driving to California for a 3-5 day trip. Then the plan became driving to Florida for a weekend trip. So, naturally, only two of us ended up driving to Corpus Christi for a day trip, where it was too cold to get in the water, and we sat on the sand brainstorming that sometime possibly maybe hopefully, we could go beach camping. Continue reading →


Cold Shower Power

Two days ago, a friend told me about cold shower therapy.

 Cold shower therapy

Cold sho·wer ther·a·py

1. The act of taking one 5-minute (minimum) cold shower each day for 30 days to better oneself in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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