Fast is better


This could easily be a rant on the AT&T commercial with the man in the suit and the children.

(It took me three tries to rememberĀ the company in that commercial. It’s an annoying, pointless spot. Example of humor that isn’t even that funny, without any memorable, relevant information except a vague, overused catchphrase. OKAY, I’m done.)

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Just Me and My Cat

Some Form of Statistical Evidence

According to a survey of 7,095 graduate and undergraduate students, only 9% of them live alone (with 18% of graduate students living alone).

So when I say “I live alone”, this is what I imagine people start thinking:

  1. I guess she doesn’t have friends to room with.
  2. It cost so much to live alone.
  3. I bet she’s lonely a lot.

(P.S. I’m an undergraduate in college.)

For some reason, there’s a cloud of social stigma around living alone in college.Ā  Continue reading →